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OotS Bonus: Sorry, Couldn’t Resist

Title: Paladin’s Warhorse

series: Order of the Stick

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Miko/Windstriker

Contains: horse sex

Miko grunted as Windstriker mounted her, relaxing her vaginal muscles with practiced ease. It was painful not just because of the thickness, which was not extraordinarily greater than that of a man, but the length. At around two feet long, it would be extremely painful if she were penetrated completely (and could be dangerous). Miko, on hands and knees, tried to lift herself further off the ground.

She cursed, and fondled a breast. “I’m alright”, she said, “go further”. More intelligent than an earthly horse, Windstriker went further slowly and carefully. Miko swore as the enormous cock went further and further inside her until it was almost a foot deep. Windstriker slowly started moving, careful not to damage his companion, and Miko screamed. It filled her as much as a human cock balls-deep, then went so far that she could feel the roof of her womb stretching. Miko cried and yelled so that one might think she was enraged from the sound of it, she screamed to the gods of her land and what gods she could remember of other lands.

Oaths flew from her mouth as from a man impaled, and she yelled inarticulately for her battered womb. Miko came again, and again, until she struggled to stay on all fours. Her face contorted into expressions of pain, fury, pleasure, and piety all at once and she shrieked like a mother tiger defending her cubs. As Windstriker came it was a miracle that his hastened thrusting did not bring her to unconsciousness until he spilled his seed deep inside her. Miko came yet again at the feeling, the feeling of acceptance, of being a receptacle of love- she felt more womanly than ever before. Her eyes fluttered, and it was all she could do to remove Windstriker’s cock from her before she collapsed on the ground with cum spilling out of her and bruises inside.

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