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True Grit 2

Once again: Mattie Ross, NC-17, PwP BDSM underage rapefic. Guest starring Laura Ingalls!


You have been warned.


Cunt woke up to the sound of her closet door opening.

The light from outside her home nearly blinded her, though it was only comfortable dinner lighting, candles and fireplace; for longer than she could keep track of, they had left her with none but what came through the crack under the door, and through the flap when her dinner was delivered.

So she could “age like good whiskey”, they had said when they put her in- since then, not a word was spoken to her, and the door was only opened to empty her bucket when it stank.

Already her body had been abused longer, harder, and in more ways than she would have thought possible. They had penetrated her in all ways, all at once; her nipples, and then her labia had been pierced, while men laughed at her screams; she had been whipped all over, with special attention to her tenderest places, and left with her wrists tied to the ceiling all night; she had taken them deep in her throat and not been let up for air except on their whim. Whenever she passed out, they whipped her until she woke up.

They had once held a party ¬†at which there were three dozen present, and given her nothing to eat or drink all that day but seed- there had been other girls, being used for pleasure, but that night Mattie was only used for pain, and a receptacle for every drop that would have gone to the others had they not enjoyed degrading her so. The other girls were nameless, insulted interchangeably- but she, ‘Cunt’, as was now tattooed across her forehead, was set aside for the worst.

Now her mind, too, felt the violation. The endless, unmeasured loneliness had warped her until she began longing to be taken out and used, even for pain, if only to feel alive. She could hear them most nights, and hear the girls screaming- and she envied them more the louder they screamed. Her wrists were shackled to her neck, with just too little slack to touch herself. The one time they heard her trying to use her dish to rub against herself, she was beaten beyond even their enjoyment. The same when she was heard talking to herself.

She eventually slipped into a trance that knew no wake or sleep, except when her dinner was given, her bucket emptied, or when she listened to the sounds of the girls and tried to imagine what they felt from the sounds.

Now the door opened! She squinted up into the light, trying to see the face of the man who had opened her door. “Well, Cunt, let’s see how you’re coming along”, he said. He took out his penis and laid it across her face. She was amazed at her own joy, to be spoken to again, touched, offered something to do; she was ecstatic to again feel the warmth and weight of flesh on her face- the smell brought back memories that her isolation had turned almost fond by comparison: memories of light, and feeling, and knowing more than the corpse-like existence that had been hers now for… Months?

She was dimly aware that she might be expected to do something- but she simply sat there, savoring the experience of the penis on her face, sweeping away all the crazed, half-formed thoughts that had tormented her in her tomb. She rubbed her face against it slightly, unbelievably grateful and drinking in the contact with the world beyond her closet.

“I think she’s ready!” he called over his shoulder. Another man came up behind him. “You didn’t leave her in TOO long, did you?” he asked, looking at her with her head back, eyes closed, barely moving. She heard, but felt no desire to respond. She was nearly overwhelmed by the mere feeling of ever so slightly nuzzling the cock draped over her.

“Hey, Cunt!” he said, “Can you understand me?” She gazed at him for a second, searching her brain for a response.

“Yes, sir.”

“You happy to be out of your hole again?” “Yes, sir”, she said, voice trembling, and tentatively running her tongue up his shaft. He slapped her. “You were fine before! Don’t do anything until you’re told.” “Yes, sir”, she said hoarsely, and again sat still, except for leaning her face back to feel more contact as he draped himself across it again.

“See?” he said to the other. “If anything, we could have left her a bit longer!” She shuddered slightly hearing this. “I don’t care if she still knows how to talk”, said the other. “My question is, does she still know how to scream?” By way of answer, he grabbed and yanked the string tying her nipple piercings to each other and her labia. “Aah! Aaahh! AAAH!” she cried as he increased the tension, demonstrating to the other that she could still be affected by pain after so much time with worse, less tangible tortures.

“Take her out back and scrub her down”, he said, turning to the other main attraction of the night. Mattie stole a glance as she was led harshly along by her string, crawling as fast as she could; A girl around her own age, though she could only estimate it now- somewhat skinnier, light brown hair in pigtails; she had not yet been pierced. She lay against the wall in a position Mattie had never been quite flexible enough for, legs spread all the way back behind her shoulders, hands tied behind her back to hold them there. Her eyes held a look now familiar: nearly blank, with an underlying panic that had gone on so long that it was ordinary.

Laura watched her go, wondering how long she had been confined for- the thought sent chills down her spine. “You better put on a good show tonight”, she was told, “or you’ll know exactly how she feels. Now, let’s get you warmed up!” as the whip slashed across her breasts, and between her helpless legs, Laura screamed and moaned with even more than the pain demanded.

Fifteen minutes later, Cunt was led back in, dry but still shivering from the cold outside. Laura had a smattering of clothespins running in two rows, down each breast to the labia. The rows were broken where they had already been whipped off. Mattie shivered even more, in anticipation, listening to the other girl’s screams as the torture continued.

“Almost done here, Jeb”, the man said as he finished with a series of violent sweeping blows. He untied Laura, still moaning slightly in the aftermath, and set her kneeling in front of the couch, next to Mattie, whose hands were being unshackled. Then he and the other sat down in front of them.

“We’re gonna’ have a little trial”, he announced, “to see if Cunt here has learned anything in her closet. The winner will decide the loser’s punishment. Now come over here and get your mouths ready!”

They approached, and the men took out their cocks. Mattie nuzzled hers slightly. Laura licked her lips. “Go!”

Laura immediately dove in and began bobbing her head as quickly as she could, but her rival began by running her tongue up the length from the base, and then plunged deep, moving from the very base to the very tip with slow but powerful strokes.

Laura glanced sideways and felt a twinge of fear- the girl she knew only as Cunt was pushing past her gag reflex as though it was nothing; but moreover, and this really scared her, she seemed not in the least bit worried. She seemed to actually be enjoying it, wholeheartedly using every flourish, and Laura had some inkling that Cunt had not been like that before the closet.

It was as if she had lost all hope, and with it all fear, and all idea that anything in the world could be better than sucking this cock, right now. Laura was terrified that if she lost to this girl who had been so thoroughly broken, they would decide to break her too. She sucked harder, and tried to move faster, but she still knew that fear was no motivator compared to enjoyment- and every time her breath was stopped for a second by the cock hitting her throat, her instinct screamed to pull off and run away…

Mattie’s mind was blank but for sensations- and she loved every one of them. She didn’t think about what she was doing until she did it, she had ideas and immediately went through with them. She swirled her tongue around the tip before plunging all the way to the base and holding there, moving her head slightly side to side- then she pulled off to take a breath, ran the tip of her tongue down and back up the length, and began pumping her head up and down with wild abandon.

She cared about nothing, accepted it all with strange curiosity- the lack of breath when she went deep, the strange light-headedness of staying there- nothing could scare her after the long dark. She didn’t even care whether she won or lost, or whether they were pleased with her; she kept moving, eagerly, towards whatever lay in store next, whether a shot in her mouth, a punishment, both… She still tried to please, but only because that was the only game to play. And next to the terror of not playing, losing was nothing to her.

She bit, lightly, playfully, just for a second, and kept going. “You little bitch!” Jeb said, slapping her, but not necessarily displeased… “Did you do that on purpose?” “Mm-hmm…” she said around his cock.

“What?” asked the other. “She’s playin’ with me!” Jeb replied, grabbing her hair, shoving her head down to the base and holding it there. “I don’t know what she’s on about! I don’t know if I should whip her for it or call her the best damn whore we ever had!” “Well, puttin’ her in there so long was a new idea, and we got new results. I’d rather not know what my whore’s doin’ than have her doin’ the same old thing like she just wants it over with. Like this bitch here!” he added pointedly in Laura’s direction. She immediately started moving faster as if she had been pinched. “See? All she knows or cares to do is move faster, and do exactly what she’s told. She just wants to be good enough, not actually good!” “Are you not close, then?” Jeb asked, “‘Cause I’m pretty close, if you want t’just call it…” “Sure. Go ahead an’ finish however you like, and let’s see what Cunt can think of for this bitch here, based on her own experience… That doesn’t mean you can stop!” he said, slapping Laura. She kept going with a terror in her eyes and tears rolling down her face- she had failed. Now all that was left to her was to see what they intended to do.

Jeb pulled Mattie off his cock and stood up. “Alright, Cunt, turn’round, face down, ass up!” She gasped a little when he thrust into her anus- the first man to enter her since the unmeasured time in the closet- but it took him only a minute of thrusting to spill his warmth inside her. She almost wished it had gone on longer- for a second she didn’t quite know what to do- then she heard it. “Stand up, Cunt.”

Hesitantly, she did- normally she was only asked to stand if her hands were to be tied to the ceiling, so that she could be whipped from all sides- but something in the tone was different.

“Cunt”, he said, “you have been punished more ways than any other bitch that has seen this house. Now you’re going to be given a privilege, that we have never given to another whore like yourself, to celebrate your release from the closet and your victory over THIS pitiful slut… You are going to get to punish another. Are you excited?”

Mattie looked at her opponent, still pumping her head up and down, tears running down her face; she felt pity for her- but she could no longer sympathize. No matter how much she had suffered, she had come to enjoy it. Whatever empathy she had for the girl would only make it sweeter.

“Yes, sir.”

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