OotS: Haley alone

Series: Order of the Stick


Pairing: Haley/Crystal/Elan, Haley/Elan/Celia/Roy

Contains: anal, masturbation, fantasy, femslash, het, bi, group, oral
The bed was uncomfortable. The bed was made out of a blanket, and a cave. The bed was very far away from most everyone Haley wished it wasn’t. Mostly it was too cold under Azure City at night. Whenever she tried this, the temperature in her cave got noticeably better. Haley felt unbearably lonely. She was just starting what could have been a stable relationship with Elan, and now he was gone. She wished he was here with her. Preferably in a pliable mood.

Come to that, she wished Roy were here. He was, technically, but she wished he were here metaphysically, and physically had more than bones. Nale. If Nale were here, offering, would she accept? No. Obviously not. If Nale were offering he would have poisoned his dick beforehand. But if there were some way she could trust him, she would. In her current state? What question? Belkar… She stopped. Belkar was an evil little douche, of course but he was definitely easier to get along with than Nale. Haley had been working with him for over a year now. Wasn’t there some supplement introducing half-halflings? Probably the same one that introduced half-sylphs, she mused. Belkar. Hmmm.

She thought back to old acquaintances. Jack the Slick. She’d show him slick. Bozzok… Maybe. Crystal. Crystal? She stopped. She stopped kneading, she stopped thinking entirely. Just blocked out all thought. She had swung both ways, for some time. It’s not like it was unenjoyable. She couldn’t remember why she’d stopped. She thought about Crystal writhing under her as she drove a hard piece of wood into her, over, and over. She didn’t know it she’d try it. Maybe with a male partner there too. Like Roy or Jack or- Elan. What in the nine hells was wrong with her? If she’s going to make it work, it’s got to be Elan. So, how does Elan fit into this scene?

She knew where she’d like him to fit. She groped around, and found a spare dagger. Good enough. She held it with one hand and massaged it with her mouth. Back to the previous scene. She had the dildo strapped onto her waist. Crystal moaned beneath her as she thrust. She sucked on Crystal’s breast, hard. She coated the dagger handle as entirely as she could with her spit, bobbing her head up and down. Crystal moaned, and Elan came up behind Haley, and Haley carefully pushed the handle of the knife up her ass to the hilt.

She humped her hand harder, feeling the way the knife handle filled her. Haley moaned, Crystal moaned, Haley gave Crystal her best and Elan finally adjusted himself to the rythm and began to thrust in and out of Haley’s ass. Haley shifted her position so that as she moved, the knife blade scraped the wall of the cave and moved the handle inside her. Then with her free hand, careful not to cut herself, she rang out a slap on her left cheek. Elan spanked her left cheek playfully and Haley moaned in response. She loved the way he created friction as he moved in and out, heating her up inside. She cried out in pleasure and did her best to savor the situation. “Excuse me?” Haley realized that she had stopped moving in her ecstasy, and started again with a quick apology to Crystal that just came out as another inarticulate moan as another slap rang out from her ass cheek.

Her own thrusting made Elan’s that much more forceful in her, and it looked like Celia was getting close… Haley spanked herself again, and her ass- Celia? Haley hardly stopped her activity, though her train of thought jumped the tracks. Wasn’t it Miko? No, of course it wasn’t Miko- although Haley would have loved to drill that self-righteous bitch from behind, in front, and sideways until she came screaming “Haley!”. It was Crystal. Haley thought about riding Celia. She was kind of skinny, but Haley would bet good money that Celia was tighter than she was. And probably not too experienced, either, for someone her age. The kind that would be fun to fuck, and fuck, until she practically broke down… Celia would never do it of course. The kind that seem fun to break are never sexually adventurous. Maybe if Roy were there.

Elan thrust into Haley’s pussy again, driving her hard against Celia, who was just coming the opposite direction from an opposite thrust by Roy. It was like the two were coordinating their thrusts, trying to fuse Haley and Celia at the chest. Haley and Celia, of course, might seem from their point of view to be coordinating their moans to form a symphony. The skinny, silver haired sylph screamed again as Roy drilled her, but Haley stifled it by clasping Celia’s mouth to hers in a heavy kiss. They yelled into each other’s heads as their tongues danced insanely, neither wanting to break the kiss. Elan’s thrusting overwhelmed her, and she was the one who broke it as her upper body sank down to the floor, her lower body still held aloft on her lover. With a great effort, Haley tried to lift herself back up to Celia, who looked as if she had passed out standing up, but the highest she could lift her head was waist level, hauling herself up by Celia’s hips.

Roy’s cock thrust in and out of the semiconscious sylph inches from her face, beads of fluid running down it’s length. Haley stuck out her tongue to the point of contact, massaging Celia’s clit with it and enjoying their combined tastes, she mashed her mouth to it and sucked hard on them both, she stuck her tongue right up Celia’s pussy along with Roy, she enveloped Celia’s pussy in her mouth and died screaming her name as her muscles involuntarily contracted around her fingers, each subsequent aftershock clench being reflected in the orgasms of her fantasy partners. Roy came, spurting into Celia and filling her, and Haley could feel it moving through and out his cock with her tongue. Elan came inside her, and she thanked the gods for her vaginal piercing of contraception +1. Celia came, expelling her own and Roy’s cum into Haley’s mouth, which loved it and sucked out as much more as it could, and Haley moaned once more and fell into a much needed sleep on the floor of the cave.

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Lord of the Rings: Visible Appearance

Series: Lord of the Rings

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Eowyn/Original Character

Contains: futa

The main reason that Eowyn never obsessed about- or more accurately, never obsessed over her looks was that she hated them. Her womanly appearance was exactly what lost her the rights that men afford, which was made all the more bitter by the fact that she was not necessarily a woman at all. Everyone, even those who knew, thought of her as her based on her mostly-womanly form, and she herself had gotten used to thinking of herself as she (hence the use of the female pronoun), but she could neither bear child nor bear sitting at home with them. In perspective, she was lucky she was not thrown back at birth as would happen among many peasant families or barbarians, but this was little comfort.

She threw herself down on her bed and sent for Esgri. Esgri’s job was to keep secrets, an open mind, and the princess’ bed. As she awaited his arrival, she closed her door and undressed. She lay down on the bed once more, stroking the thing that made her so miserably unfit for her assumed gender role, and contemplated this and that. It looked so incredibly ugly in her hand. What was more it prevented her viewing the other one, the one that would have been better alone. Her flaw felt good to be stroked… Her flaw was responsible for the unfit hormones that made her so restless. It precluded the possibility of children. It prevented her from any (ohhh…) thoughts of finding love. What man could stomach it, and what woman stomach the rest of her? None fit for a (a bead of precum appeared) princess to marry. There was Esgri, sure, but he wasn’t a love, just something to take the edge off its lack. Not (she licked the precum off her finger) that he was unpleasant company, or unseemly- She continued stroking, and began to knead below as well. A muffled curse escaped her lips. What if one of the female servants happened to come in? She had neglected to lock the door, to allow Esgri access. She would probably be astonished, she thought. She would probably go tell all her friends about the woman with a cock. Maybe I could stop her, give me time to shut her up. And I could do it. I’d show her just how much of a woman I am. Just how feminine I can be. So she could go tell her friends about the man with breasts and cunt. Here she almost came, but stopped and slapped it twice, then started again more slowly.

There was a knock at the door. She stopped and got under the bedclothes, just in case. “Come in”, she said. The door opened and a face framed by blond hair and beard entered. The hair was worn long, with braids in it, and the beard was thick but trimmed within an inch of the skin. A body followed the face soon after. “Undress, Lady?” Esgri asked, beginning to before he got an answer. After all this time, he could read Eowyn’s moods.
He made sure the door was locked, and sat down on the bed awaiting instructions. “Come, a simple lay.” she said without emotion. She pushed back the bedcovers halfway and spread her legs, lifting her wretched organ out of the way. Esgri looked at her, then saying nothing entered and mounted ‘twixt her legs, which she wrapped around him, ending the required effort on her part for this position. Esgri began to thrust into her, at the same time lifting his chest from hers to stroke her. Stubbornly, she wished he wouldn’t, but said nothing. Removed from the pressure of his body, her breasts bounced freely. The bed was soft and the pillows softer, the undersheets were of fine satin. Her hair was freshly washed from earlier that day, and lay behind her head and to either side as they fucked. Esgri’s blond locks hung over his face, which was downturned to avoid eye contact. “Esgri?” she said, again without emotion. “Lady Eowyn?” “…No, ’tis nothing.” It was the third thing she had said to him that day, yet he was her only partner- perhaps for ever. She lay back and stared at the wall. Esgri had now stopped stroking her, and she somewhat wished he would start again. But again, she said nothing. She felt herself clench around him. Finally, almost over, she thought. He felt it too, and began to thrust harder. The wooden bedframe creaked slightly. Somehow this should feel better, she thought. She didn’t feel much. She tried focusing her mind, tried to force herself to enjoy the climax. Her cunt throbbed as he fucked it, it opened to allow him to fill it and closed in his wake. His hips slammed against her pelvis as though he meant to shatter it. Her bottom ached. Her legs were slightly tired from being held spread so long, and the muscles trying to move together with her- and of course, Esgri’s arms- holding them apart produced more clenching as she neared her explosion. Her entire body moved up and down for the thrusting. Her breasts slapped wetly against her chest. His stomach rubbed slightly on her flaw as he fucked her harder and harder. Eowyn felt herself clench, once, twice, and she exploded around him, little drops of woman-cum spurting out as he tried his best to fuck it all out of her. He thrust deliberately twice more to more expelled fluid, and with practiced timing pulled out and came onto the floor. Then Esgri’s hand darted out as Eowyn’s orgasm just began to die down and grabbed her cock, the cock she hated so much and pulled twice with enough force to wrench a small cry from her as she came a second time, shooting into the air with contractions that squirted the last tiny bit of her previous orgasm onto the bed. She lay there and watched the ceiling. “Lady Eowyn! Please, forgive me!” said Esgri in shock, and began cleaning her with his shirt. She realized that she was covered in her own ejaculate. She licked off what was on her lips without noticing, and considered that this time truly was amazing. Yet somehow, she still felt unsatisfied. She glared at her now-limp cock as if to say, “I blame you.”

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Buffy/Angel: Picnic Time For Teddy Bears

Picnic Time For Teddy Bears

by chrosmaet

Series: Angel

Pairing: Angelus/Cordelia

Warnings: Rape, Violence, Season 4

Rating: NC-17

Angelus sang softly to himself in his 3-inch barred steel cage. “See them gaily play about/ they love to play and shout/ they haven’t got any cares”… Soon… The incantation completed with a flaring of the candles, and a pale mist rose from the center of the circle. It spiraled around Angelus in his steel cage, lifting him up. “This isn’t over!” he screamed as it infused him, and Angel collapsed on the floor. He slowly got up, struggling to remember what had happened. He was dimly aware of Wesley asking him to sing. Angel sang tunelessly for a couple lines, and a smile lit up Lorne’s face. Apparently his identity was confirmed. He gave out a few orders, and everyone left the room. Everyone but Cordelia. “Come out of that cage.” she said. “It’s safer this way. We don’t know how long this spell may last for, and-” “This way you don’t have to look anyone in the eye. How convenient. You’re not Angelus. You think we don’t get that, but we do.” Cordelia unlocked the locks on the cage. He stepped out, uncertainly. “You are not Angelus.” Angelus grabbed her by the throat roughly. “Wanna bet?”

He swiftly turned off the camera monitoring the room. With any luck, no one would ask which of them had turned it off. Not as though it mattered anymore, with Angelus gone, right? “There”, he said cruelly, his face contorting into the grimace a vampire wears when feeding, “Without that camera, nobody upstairs will be able to hear you down here. I’m sure that we’ll be able to have lots of fun.” He ripped Cordelia’s blouse and bra open at the same time, with one hand still holding her on tip-toes by her neck. “Nipples hard already? You really skip the boring bits, doncha? Of course, I should already have known that from the way you treated the kid that night, huh? I’ll make sure this is a much more entertaining show than that was.” He took one of her nipples between top and bottom fang, and bit just hard enough to draw blood. He sucked upon it eagerly. Cordelia tried to scream, but only succeeded in making a little wheeze. Rather than boosting her adrenaline and bringing help, it only heightened the fear. He shoved her back up against the cage. “Man, was that boring to watch. Can you say ‘Routine Missionary Sex’? Not that that doesn’t suit your philosophy.” He took that same nipple between his teeth again, and bit harder with fierce precision. His fang went right through and came out on the other side. The pain pierced through Cordelia’s body, and she screamed again as only one whose windpipe is constricted by an iron grip can: Quietly, with great effort. The fear shot through her as well, causing all sorts of reactions. “What’s this?” said Angelus, and thrust his hand down her pants. He cupped her sex roughly and lightly at the same time (as one category), feeling the warmth coming off of it- “Well, look at that. You’re getting all- ‘buttery’.” He laughed harshly. Cordelia gazed in horror into that twisted face mocking that of the one she still wasn’t sure if she loved, smelt the blood on his breath, found herself unable to rely on that basest of instincts- the scream- and almost fainted. “Let’s try that again”, he said cruelly, and bit through the other nipple with the speed of a rattlesnake, and this time he didn’t just punch a hole as if he was giving her a piercing, he held on and tugged on the bleeding breast while wickedly playing the tip with his tongue- Cordelia strained to scream, or preferably to get free, with all the strength she had in her, she prayed to whatever benevolent forces might care to help, but the minor ones were all too far away and the major ones had other concerns than just another person in pain and fear or wanted her to build character or something like that, and her mind still burned with a deadly combination of pain, fear, and perverse enjoyment that worked like whitewash on her mind, her hopes, dreams, goals, fears, memories all were obliterated by the animal urge to run away, and Cordelia slumped against the side of the cage. Angelus moved like a perversely malevolent version of a delighted puppy dog from breast to breast, eagerly lapping up the thin stream of blood from each nipple as it trickled down the underside of Cordelia’s breasts. He noticed that she was no longer struggling, and so with his free hand he pinched her nipple as hard as he could. His face lit up with satisfaction as he felt another scream rise in Cordelia’s throat and her body begin to struggle again- “You’ll not get out of it that easily.” “Poor Cordelia”, he said wickedly, and started lightly fingering her through the fabric of her undergarments- “Your relationships just never seem to work out, don’t they? Let’s tally- Breakup, Death, Demon Surrogate, Breakup- and those are just the ones that come to mind the fastest.” He continued fingering her, and quickly lapped up the blood which had begun to trickle. “Let’s see if we can make this one work.” He swiftly pulled her pants off before she could resist, and unzipped his own. Cordelia began to struggle again, but it only heightened his enjoyment and he pulled her panties off, regardless of her kicking, as easily as one would undress a doll, and positioned his hard length at her entrance. “Now”, he said, “I am not one to enter a woman’s most sacred of places without her permission, so I will remove my hand briefly so I can hear your response.” He removed his hand briefly, but immediately replaced it when Cordelia tried to scream. “Very well.” Cordelia muted again, gazed levelly at him. “I will not defile your womb by entering unpermitted.” With a savage grin, he then repositioned his tip to rest lightly on her anus. “Your choice.” He pushed through the rubbery entrance slowly for the first half inch or so, then startled Cordelia by suddenly thrusting roughly and fast. Another scream stifled. He said nothing further- words might spoil the delightful horror he wanted her to feel, but thrust again, beginning an in-and-out rythum that pleased him. He turned Cordelia around to face the cage, allowing him easier access, and began to finger her in earnest with his other hand. He relished the feeling of it, the tight grip- he felt her begin to weaken. “Are you getting close, now? Signify by nodding or shaking your head”. When he got no response, he added, continuing to thrust,”You know those nipples of yours? Pierced is better than none. Nothing further and they may even heal over.” He was met with a hesitant nod. He could feel that this was true- without meaning to, she was pressing slightly against his hand, and wriggling slightly. “Alright”, he said, and then removed his fingering hand. A few more thrusts and he released his own orgasm, spilling into the wrong passage and withdrawing. He released Cordelia, and dropped her to the floor. She looked up at him, hardly daring to provoke him by screaming. “You-” she began, and stopped. He carefully tore her clothing into long strips, suitable for his purpose. “You didn’t-” she said, but quieted when he looked at her. “Nope.” He picked her up and pushed her into the cage. “When you denied me your standard entrance”, he said as he fitted a gag made from her blouse into her mouth, “I assumed you didn’t need to enjoy it.” He grinned maliciously, finished tying her up, and closed the cage door. “I’m headed upstairs for a minute, but I’ll be back down, probably with Fred or Lilah. Maybe both.” He turned and headed upstairs.

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Author Feature: WyndGyrl

Wyndgyrl is the author of some excellent Buffy-verse femslash stories.
You can find them here:

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Mission Statement

Rule 34 of the Internet, in its entirety, reads:
If it exists, or can be imagined, there is porn of it.
34c: if no such porn exists, it will be created.

This site is dedicated to fanfiction that upholds this rule.
If you know, or have written, a good piece of NC-17 rated fanfiction, you may Email it to me at . I myself will mainly publish het and femslash fics, but slash fics may be accepted.
I may also publish futanari and rule 63 (reversed gender) fics, so.

Each fic will be categorized according to the universe in which it takes place. If I create a category, then there will at some point be fics of that category, so that’s a bit of a handy sneak peek at what’s coming.

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