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Author Feature: WyndGyrl

Wyndgyrl is the author of some excellent Buffy-verse femslash stories.
You can find them here:

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Mission Statement

Rule 34 of the Internet, in its entirety, reads:
If it exists, or can be imagined, there is porn of it.
34c: if no such porn exists, it will be created.

This site is dedicated to fanfiction that upholds this rule.
If you know, or have written, a good piece of NC-17 rated fanfiction, you may Email it to me at . I myself will mainly publish het and femslash fics, but slash fics may be accepted.
I may also publish futanari and rule 63 (reversed gender) fics, so.

Each fic will be categorized according to the universe in which it takes place. If I create a category, then there will at some point be fics of that category, so that’s a bit of a handy sneak peek at what’s coming.

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